upgrading topfield PVR firmware from Ubuntu/Gutsy (HOWTO)

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This is a short HOWTO on upgrading the Toppy firmware from Ubuntu 7.10

1 - Download firmware upgrade and unzip.

You will find that you have a .tfd file in the directory where you unzipped the file.

2 - Plug a USB cable into laptop and the Topfield

3 - Run the topfield ftp daemon:

ftpd-topfield -D -P 2021

4 - Now in another terminal connect to the daemon using lftp

lftp ftp://localhost:2021/

5 - cd to the /firmware directory on the toppy:

lftp localhost:/> cd firmware

6 - Using filename completion, put the file onto the Toppy:

lftp localhost:/firmware> put /home/pete/HOME/Topfield/Firmware/TEST
23-07-2007\ 5.13.65\ beta.tfd

1591778 bytes transferred in 10 seconds (152.6K/s)

7 - Once complete, the Toppy starts the countdown, and then flashed End.

8 - press the standby button, and restart.


Sandy 2008-03-09 13:04:00

Could you update this how-to to state whether the Toppy should be in standby mode before ftping the tfd file or whether the Toppy should be running first ?. Thanks

Administrator 2008-04-20 22:55:51

Hi Sandy. The Toppy needs to be running to upload the tfd file. Pete

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