Installing a Connects2 USB Interface CTARNUSB003 in a Renault Clio

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Having recently bought an 07 plated Renault Clio, I wanted to install an Aux cable to connect our mp3 players (all non-apple).

The Connects2 USB Interface CTARNUSB003 not only has an Aux input where you can plug in your mp3 player, but it also has an SD card and USB key slot. Using the appropriate structure on the memory cards, you can simulate a 6 CD changer, and control all track selections etc from the steering stalk controls.

This is how I installed it on our Clio.

Step 1 - Remove the Radio.

I accomplished this by using 4 small jewellers screwdrivers (small Allen keys etc will also work) which you push into the 4 holes in the front of the radio. The screwdrivers push retetion clips (which you can’t see) to the side, allowing you to pull out the radio.

Step 2 - Insert the Connects2 cable through the Glovebox hole.

Open the glovebox, and have a look at the top RHS (see Image 2 underneath).  There is a hole which opens into the radio/CD player compartment.

Take the end of the cable with the blue connector and poke this through the hole with one hand, and with your other hand, have a feel behind the radio.  Grab the cable and pull through (see Image 1 below).

Image 1

Image 2

Step 3 - Connect the blue connector to the CD changer socket

Take the blue connector at the end of the cable and connect it into the CD changer socket on t he back of the radio.

Make sure it is inserted securely.

Image 3

Step 4 - Reinsert radio.

Push the radio back into it’s compartment, making sure you don’t snag the cable.

Image 4

Step 5 - mount the Connects2 unit in the glovebox.

Using double-sided adhesive foam (or velcro pads), mount the unit on the RHS of the glovebox, ensuring that it’s far enough back that you can insert a USB key into the unit without it preventing the glovebox closing.

Connect the aux cable into the unit, and check that you can close the glovebox (see image 5).

Image 5

Power up your radio unit - you should be able to use the source selector to find the CD changer.


shay 2013-04-29 10:24:21


After the installation, does the new devices that are connected by this unit can be controled by the the buttons on the steering wheel?

pete 2013-05-01 20:50:19

Yes - you can scroll through the memory card using the track-skip buttons and control the volume.

Aaron 2014-02-24 16:54:58

hi I have the updated version or that radio u no the one where all the buttons are straight I have a 6 disc changer but It wont let me connect the mp3 aux lead hows about some advice of this if u no what I mean????

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