43 folders for Gmail

- 2 minute read

In a previous post I explained how I set up a 43 folders type of system using the emacs mail program mh-e and a bunch of UNIX/Linux shell scripts and cronta...

mh-e article referenced on GTD times

- less than 1 minute read

Oliver Starr over at GTD Times has posted about my mh-e article. ‘Cool beans’ as my brother would say!

first version of org-na

- less than 1 minute read

I have written a short perl program which prints out a list of org-mode tags (which I use for next actions as per GTD).

New Hipster PDA Templates

- 1 minute read

Further to the mass adulation I received from my music manuscript template (OK- 6 comments …. but they are funny), I decided to make some more customised tem...

Guardian article on David Allen

- less than 1 minute read

The Guardian (UK) has an article about David Allen. If you have read the GTD books it’s not new, but good to see him getting this level of publicity.